What's the best way to get a great deal on a new car?

Buying a new car is one of the larger buying decisions.  I am looking to buy a new car vs lease.  I plan to use to find a good deal in my area, as I heard good things.  Please let me know if there is a better strategy?
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    @BigDeal, from my experience is a good choice. if you have anyone with Costco membership, they also have a good cur buying program where they provide prenegotiated quotes from multiple dealers.  If you don't have Costco membership, it maybe worth it to sign up just for this. 
    You want to request that and compare to TrueCar. Note that both Costco or TrueCar may require for you to go to a dealer that is a bit further than you like, but as long as wihin reason that should be okay.
    Another good option to consider is to deal with local car leasing outlets.  Despite the name, they also can buy you a car. Since they have really low overhead and normally don't haggle, they often can get you a good deal with minimum headache.  I had positive experience with that option, and even if you pay a little more that maybe worth if for convinience. They also can trade in your current car, although it is more of a buy your current car and there are tax disadvantages vs a trade in.

    you should try to follow the following strategy
    1) if you are not flexible about specific color then only deal with dealers that have your actual car color in stock. Before going over there, confirm that they do by checking their website and calling. If just calling, they may lie to you that they have the color or can order from elsewhere.  If dealer orders a car from elsewhere instead of having in stock then you will not get the best price.  
    2) if you are flexible with color then leverage the lowest of TrueCar, Costco, local Leasing place, or any other quotes you got to get the best deal from the dealership. Check their inventory what color they have the most, as that will be the color they will be most flexible.  
    3) Unfortunately, you can only negotiate in person and only when ready to actually buy.  Dealerships are a pain.  The salesperson is a puppet, and the manager will try to screw you every way possible. It will take rounds of negotiations to get the true deal and you need to be 200% alert not to miss an important detail, like a hidden fee they may try to insert last minute. Be ready to waste lots of time and to to walk out if something goes wrong from the time the salesperson agreeing to your price and you signing the actual paper.
    4) The dealer often has flexibility to sweeten the deal from TrueCar price by including some free service, or  free accessories.  Ask them directly as part of the negotiation, what can tney include to sweeten the deal.
    if you have a Trade-in then your transaction becomes more complicated.  Your deal will include getting both the best price and the best trade-in. If looking for the best net deal, be ready to spend more time.  One strategy is to first negotiate the price on the car and only then tell them about the trade in. They will likely be annoyed with you and you may spend more time, but it gives you more leverage.
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