brand new authentic Louis Vuitton bags 50% off+ - YMMV

I am not talking about going to China town and getting fake purses.  I mean buying legitimately the purses, wallets, etc right from Louiss Vuitton and getting 50% off. Essentially, you use a credit card with price protection to match the price from an online store that claim to sell authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise.

Here are the steps:
1) Research the Louis Vuitton product you would like to buy
2) Go to Google Shopping and do a quick search for that manufacturer model number.  "Louis Vuitton model number"
3) Filter by new only.
4) Make sure that you have atleast one match from an online store that will take you to a page with that product where it clearly shows model number and indicates it is in new condition and sells the item at discount.  Confirm that description is the product you are looking for. In stock preferred. EBay is fine as long as it has buyitnow option.
5) Go to your favorite store that sells Louis Vuitton. Can be either Louis Vuitton or other large retailers like Macys, Nordstrom, etc. Online or physical store will work.  To maximize savings, buy online from one of the stores with largest cash back. See my post
6) **** Make sure you use a Price Protection credit card, Discover, many Chase and Citi cards.  
See my post
7) After purchase, submit price match claim through your credit card process, by submitting a print based on step 4.
8) Wait for 1-2 weeks and get your claim approved.  If something goes wrong, you have an option to return the bag as long as you are within return window from your store. If you miss the return window then you can use the credit card return protection which typically gives you atleast 60 days.

To summarize, you get an authentic bag from your favorite Louis Vuitton store, save over 50%, and also get upto 10% cashback for shopping online.

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