Outlet shopping before holidays is a great way to save on apparel

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One of greatest sources for bargain shopping are outlet malls.  I especially enjoy going there before holidays such as Labor Day, as they always have sales and coupins.  Outlets offer discounted versions of top products such as Coach, Gap, and many manufacturers.  It can be a day trip and well worth it as a shopping source for apparel and related products for the entire family.
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    @BargainDude, outlet shopping is good, but....there are better ways.
    There are a few issues with outlet shopping
    1) It's a full day tiresome activity
    2) you risk often ending up buying bunch of junk you don't need
    3) Online stores around holidays and especially Black Friday, Cyber Monday! amazon Prime Day often have better deals than outlets.
    4) Outlets for some brands don't have exactly the same products as regular stores, but cheaper outlet versions.

    so outlet is not a bad option, but not the best solution for many people.
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    Check out this video that explains how outlet shopping is not a bargain it's perceived to be. Watch the part about coach products being different/lower quality in outlets and retail stores.
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    @BigDeal, it is a good point that most of the outlet products are specially made for outlet shoppers.  However, if you are not looking for really high end products and go there during a big sale, the prices there are unbeatable and you can get solid values.
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