Looking to buy Amazon Echo show - how can I get the best price?

I would like to buy Amazon Echo show.  It retails for $229 at Amazon, and has a special of getting $100 off if you get two.  I have no use for 2, and not sure many people would buy 2 for themselves as it seems really expensive.  Can anyone please suggest how I can get a lower price, or is that pretty much the best deal I can get at this time? I need it in about a week.
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    @BigDeal, these are good options, but there is a better value you can get.

    Since you are right within 90 day BlackFriday window, I would make sure that you buy this with Discover Card, as it gives you price protection for 90 days and it works on Black Friday deals.  If you wait for couple more days, you will be in Cyber Monday price adjustment 90 day window as well. Between these two days there is a great chance that you will end up paying a price much lower than $200.  I would watch prices after you buy now, and any good sales would take a screenshot/save ad just in case black friday and cybr monday doesnt come up with anything.

    Please note that Discover card is the only card that has a 90 day price protection window and works on Black Friday.  Citi, Chase, Mastercard wil not help you in this case.

    Please see my post


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    If you are looking to buy Right now then you have a few options:
    1) best bet try to see if you can split 2 with someone and get $100 off for a pai using current promotion.
    2) you can get it currently brand new on ebay for $200 instead of $229 at amazon and other stores
    3) you can try as they give you 15% off at sign up for first 3 purchaes, so that brings $229 to below $200. Coupon code SAVE15.

    you need to look carefully at tax and shipping costs for your options. Amazon and most other stores charge tax, and that makes a difference for $200+.

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